1960 Paralympics in Rome

Paralympians in 1960 show the world their common spirit.

The very first Paralympic games took place in Stoke in 1948. The Olympians were ex service members who had lost limbs in WW2.

The Paralympic Games in Rome in 1960 was disorganised and undignified.. symptomatic of the attitudes in the 1950s and 60s.

Soldiers carried competitors to and from the athletes’ village. When archer Margaret Maughan won Britain’s first-ever gold medal in the Paralympics, there was no ramp for the podium. Times and attitudes have changed for the better.

(Source BBC News)

Below is a picture of British archery champion Margaret Maughan receiving her gold medal at the 1966 Paralympic event in Jamaica. Note the podium ramp for the winners. To take part in these events is itself an achievement in anyone’s life.

Good Day World.

The 2018 ParaLympic Winter Games – a Picture is worth a Thousand words.

Good Morning World, As this website is ultimately about real people and their stories..here goes.. below is a real picture of an event at the ParaLympic Games 2018..

If I fall on my hazardous and slippery journey I will climb back up as I already Climbed a Mountain to Achieve this one goal.. I dare to trust my strength and will power.

Proof that there is life after being physically challenged. More to come about people who dare to dream..and dare to achieve their dream..

Disabilities.. abnormality.. imperfections..

Have recently learned that disabilities are part of life’s journey and how we perceive ourselves is the key to our lives.
The word itself is a limitation on the abilities of a person. Language is used to define a human being and categorise them through ability. If we teach ourselves to limit our abilities and our understanding of our world through language, we will live in a box of perceived social and psychological walls. These Walls form a mental Maze through which we must navigate to succeed in our goals in life. Let’s take away the Maze and open up a Clear Vision of what we can achieve.
I believe all people are disabled and Disability is normal. What is normal anyway? Who gets to decide what’s normal? And what is perfect?? And only Superman is invulnerable to sickness…he lives in a comic…
All human beings live a cycle of life… Biology 101.
I thank my tutors and my college and work buddies. I thank my family for reading this blog.
Laughter and understanding helped me through living in three countries with a “”disabled”” wife and mother.
Good Day to the world.

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Good Evening avid readers of yet another new blog.


My name is Vejay (i like to be called John – one syllable is easier on the tongue than two).

I am writing this knowing that there are many people who write about their own perspective of life on the internet; whilst taking up the time of busy people. So to those who are not so busy; and sit down once in a while to read; i hope this blog helps your Life or helps you Laugh and Smile

Have a great evening world..