A plan to succeed By working for it By staying dedicated By accepting life’s challenges Be able to complete the plan By becoming abled By using your innate talents By learning new skills By educating the mind to new ideas By building resilience By Staying focused your happiness And your plan will come to fruition.

The Church of Stigma Poem.

Hail Stigma Hallelujah Stigma is the Prejudice of the Powerful The Language of Liars Judge and Jury of the Jailed Detri Mental Domination by Moral Majority Rules by Rulers Moulding the Masses Condemning the Meek in a Pitiful Place Destroying Dignity Day by Day Starving the Soul of its Source of Strength Setting the SunContinue reading “The Church of Stigma Poem.”

Enjoy the Spring.. Appreciate another year of Life.

Mum commented to me the other day That when she closes her eyes She dreams of leaves and flowers And sees the details of each leaf n petal in her mind before she goes to sleep She feels like a hummingbird that get close to each flower So we went out again To see theContinue reading “Enjoy the Spring.. Appreciate another year of Life.”