Always Ever Here. Short poem.

Always Ever Here.
Short poem.

The Ending too Early
Always Ever Here,
The Soul Lives by Day
The Body Dies by Night,
The Sun Wakes with Light
The Night full-fills Fright,
Her Step just Ahead
My Mind just Behind,
The Day Bakes Our Bread
The Night Makes Our Bed,
The Day Break Starts Task
The Night Time Tasks Last,
My Sleep Toss and Turn
My Work Watch and Learn,
The Soul Sings Sad Song
The Heart feels Belong,
The Mind thinks Akin
To Love is to Spin,
The Day Invites In
Warm Friends to Desire,
The Night Invites In
The Ice Nail of Aspire,
Observing One’s Life
One Paints Life so Lovely,
Observing One’s Life
One Ends Life so Lonely,
The Day Dreams Draw
Patterns of Pity,
The Nightmares Cloud Mind
With Professional Pithy,
To Live Simply Spin
Around Opinions Perceived Sin,
The Day Law feel Glad
The Night Law feel Sad,
To Feel Bad is classed Good
Classed Good is just Hard,
Be Evolved Day by Day
Be Devolved Night by Night,
Count Blessings they Are
Blended Disguise,
The Devils in the Details
The Fall of the Pride,
Night or Day Surely
Both Dreams Cost All Dear,
The Ending Too Early
Always Ever Here.


Published by john3005

I'm a widower.. a son.. a support worker with end of life patients.. and a heath n social care student

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