She as free as wild horses. Poem

She was born to wander as free as wild horses
She roamed her Texas her miles of men
She smiled for her admirers her last social action
She foretold the darkness before it was dusk
She knew that her fate was woven in fabric
She wore the fabric facade fooling fools
She ferociously hid her fear from me
She left me numb freezing hollow alive
She protected her people from insanity of illness
She smothered my fear with her smile and frown
She decrypted my mind with diligent deduction
She and I had history when we sailed safe harbour
She and I sailed tough seas throughout together
She wanted her soul mate since she was seven
She internaled her thoughts letting glib glimpses
She spoke cryptic truths about her cooped up corner
She drove her self intensely inside and out
She drove her other halves to abandon their doubt
She drove me to set free my soiled up soul
She fought for her family friends and freedoms
She inherited infectious laughter and infection
She was longing for living in loving arms
She always made time to talk the truths
She looked forward to fate foretelling my future
She looks on from above everliving my dreams
She is free wild nature her ashes in soil
She is the fresh flowers of farms of fragrance
She welcomed her wild wish to live and sail young
She left behind the worn wake of her wild wedding
She set sail from this world during her sunset
She stood on her ship of last smiles and sorrows
She cast off the shore and left a dark shadow
She sailed to her sea her silent journey
She sails on to swim in her sea of salvation
She is my soul mate she’s free as wild horses.
Written by Kiran

For Hina


Published by Gypsy Heart

I'm a widower.. a son.. a support worker with end of life patients and complex needs.. and a heath n social care student and post grad social work student

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