Good Bye Red Sky. Poem.

Good Bye Red Sky
Must find Calm Stream
Have Tears to Dry,
Fly Bird Fly to your Sky
Fly Until you Drop to Die,
In the Sky just Love
In Time Love and Cry,
Our Lives A Light
Together Star Struck
With Magic called Life,
Dance the Dream
Day to Day,
In Air fly to Care
While a Life Find Love,
No Roads In Sky
No Paths Just Fly,
Image your Dream
In Minds Eye,
Share the Cry of
The Soul’s Great Sigh,
Point your Nose
To your Stream,
Life’s liquid Cool
Food for Soul,
Shimmering Cold
Feel of Water,
Feel Your Self
Know Your Mind,
Live Your Soul
Follow Your Stream,
Eat Fishes of Failure
Giving Strength
From Falling,
Fly Above Fear
Your Courage Wishes
Your Wings to Lift,
Your Precious Mind
To Shift in Aim
Soar a New Vector,
To Another Dream
Another Shimmer
Another Cold Stream,
Am Flying Mine
All My Life,
I Love to Fly
To HER Soaring in Her Sun,
Once She Flew Till
Her Cry was Gone.
Her Flight Flew On
Inside my Mind,
I Follow Her Stream
Forever Till i Die,
And Drop, No Sight
Of This Unending Red Sky,
Fly Well Fellow Birds
Find Calm Streams,
Just Fly Until
We Stop to Die,
Good Bye to My
Red Raging Sky

Written by Kiran 2018

Published by Gypsy Heart

I'm a widower.. a son.. a support worker with end of life patients and complex needs.. and a heath n social care student and post grad social work student

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