About The Church of Stigma. A Short Poem.

Hail Stigma Hallelujah

Stigma is the Prejudice of the Powerful

The Language of Liars

Judge and Jury of the Jailed

Detri Mental Domination by Moral Majority

Rules by Rulers Moulding the Masses

Condemning the Meek in a Pitiful Place

Destroying Dignity Day by Day

Starving the Soul of its Source of Strength

Setting the Sun Darkest Days

Leaving a Lonesome Lonely Person

Poisoning a Persons Personality

Possessing them as a Property

Killing the Kindness of Kin

Freezing Friendships Frozen in Time

Desperate Measures for Desperate Men Dead to Those Dear

Worse for Women in Perfect Planet Raped Beaten Tortured Toys

Children Brainwashed Groomed Seduced Used

Face Stigma for Life Persistent Pain

All Alive in a Failed State of Slaves

Ignorance is Bliss to Powerful People
Who are Perfect for their “Prophet Perfection”

Worshipping Glory of Stigma Their God

Hail Stigma Hallelujah


The Church of Stigma 18.11.18

Author: john3005

I'm a widower.. a son.. a support worker with end of life patients.. and a heath n social care student

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