Life’s Chapters.. a Gypsy Road..

I have

Lived and Loved in

  • Nuneaton with parents
  • Manchester with parents they divorced 1974. Mum never remarried . Father did.
  • Walsall with fathers family didn’t see my mother and Not her fault. Couldn’t even write to her.
  • Leicester with father didn’t see my mother and Not her fault.
  • Ashton-under-Lyne with father and step mother (a good person)
  • Burnage Manchester with my Mum. Was taken by my Mum but ordered back to father by courts
  • London (Islington) with father and no hope of seeing my mother again. I became very independent and introverted. Age 13.
  • Levenshulme Manchester with Mum at 16 years old finally got to know my Mum proper.
  • Coventry at polytechnic.
  • Warrington for work
  • Bangalore India with Mum
  • Conway Arkansas USA with Hina age 25.
  • Tulsa Oklahoma USA as widower age 31 with my Uncle Phil my mentor since was child.. I worked for Marriott and then Hilton in Tulsa. Was a workaholic due to being a widower.
  • And currently Ardwick Manchester with Mum she’s disabled now. God bless her.

I lived with ALL my extensive family when my parents divorced.

In this generation I would have gone into care but it was the 1970s with poor social support.

Missed my Mum bad as a child.. Now I won’t leave her alone due to her disabilities. The world tried to separate us due to a Patriarchal Asian society that is Sexist.


We succeeded through God’s grace. We never gave up on each another.

And the addresses number above 30.
The next chapter awaits..

Thanks for reading this.

Have a Blessed day world and thanks Kind reader.

Author: john3005

I'm a widower.. a son.. a support worker with end of life patients.. and a heath n social care student

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