Someone chose to ignore the Facade upon my Face and be open minded.

Today I was able to let go of inhibitions and fear of judgement immediately, to communicate with a person who was open to seeing past the obvious and the Facade that we have that is our Faces.
The conversation revolved around death.. people’s attitude towards loss.. how people deal with grief.. how people overcome the barriers that other people put in place.. how people maintain their self-esteem and self identity, throughout hardship and loss of close people or memory.. I found myself opening up and speaking about things and about people long gone that I would never just casually bring up.
The person I was speaking with had the effect of putting me at ease about very difficult subjects that they obviously knew much about and had an emotional empathy with due to their own circumstances.
Closed people often cannot deal with other people’s openness. An open mind often comes across as a threat to a closed mind. In care it’s important to garner the trust of the person we are caring for. Having an open mind and an understanding helps Foster Trust and is vital to the care giver relationship with the person cared for.

Thanks to that person they are an Unsung Hero .. their work helps a lot of people within Dementia care.

Good day to the world.

Author: john3005

I'm a widower.. a son.. a support worker with end of life patients.. and a heath n social care student

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