Unsung Heroes (no songs written about them)

If life was a competition there would be 99.99% losers (unsung heroes) and 0.01% winners (heroes we sing about). Trophies are handed out to philanthropists (for example Bill Gates owner of Microsoft) and people who come first in a competition. Yet the average care worker, volunteer, family member or friend will be lucky it doesn’t rain at the bus stop on the way home after a hard day’s slog helping someone for minimum or no wage. They ask for no attention but they know that the work they do is appreciated by the person receiving the care or help. In turn someone is Always Kind to them… “sewing Kindness reaps Kindness”…instant karma.

A desert nomad would feel rich in a desert with water and food. A caring person would feel rich in a caring environment. We Sew our own environment and we are Responsible for it.

We are all individuals. Humanity is an ocean of them. The reality is that all of us are in a cycle of life; no one cured Death..and we are all Heroes and Winners within that cycle. So if we don’t see it already let’s open up our vision and recognise ourselves as being Human, Finite, Unique and Worthy of Care.

There will be much to write about Unsung Heroes who neither ask for attention nor receive any…. however their stories give us HOPE. “Abnormal” people who are judged by society are Loved by Someone. Every winner’s podium was built by someone we don’t sing about who was Less than Perfect. Every wheel chair was built by Someone Unknown.

Good Day World

Author: john3005

I'm a widower.. a son.. a support worker with end of life patients.. and a heath n social care student

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