1960 Paralympics in Rome

Paralympians in 1960 show the world their common spirit.

The very first Paralympic games took place in Stoke in 1948. The Olympians were ex service members who had lost limbs in WW2.

The Paralympic Games in Rome in 1960 was disorganised and undignified.. symptomatic of the attitudes in the 1950s and 60s.

Soldiers carried competitors to and from the athletes’ village. When archer Margaret Maughan won Britain’s first-ever gold medal in the Paralympics, there was no ramp for the podium. Times and attitudes have changed for the better.

(Source BBC News)

Below is a picture of British archery champion Margaret Maughan receiving her gold medal at the 1966 Paralympic event in Jamaica. Note the podium ramp for the winners. To take part in these events is itself an achievement in anyone’s life.

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