Disabilities.. abnormality.. imperfections..

Have recently learned that disabilities are part of life’s journey and how we perceive ourselves is the key to our lives.
The word itself is a limitation on the abilities of a person. Language is used to define a human being and categorise them through ability. If we teach ourselves to limit our abilities and our understanding of our world through language, we will live in a box of perceived social and psychological walls. These Walls form a mental Maze through which we must navigate to succeed in our goals in life. Let’s take away the Maze and open up a Clear Vision of what we can achieve.
I believe all people are disabled and Disability is normal. What is normal anyway? Who gets to decide what’s normal? And what is perfect?? And only Superman is invulnerable to sickness…he lives in a comic…
All human beings live a cycle of life… Biology 101.
I thank my tutors and my college and work buddies. I thank my family for reading this blog.
Laughter and understanding helped me through living in three countries with a “”disabled”” wife and mother.
Good Day to the world.

Author: john3005

I'm a widower.. a son.. a support worker with end of life patients.. and a heath n social care student

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