Social Context and Construction of Labels.

Hello avid readers of yet another blog.. this one is about socially constructed labels..


My current name is Kiran.. have been called many labels..

I am writing this knowing that there are many people who write about their own perspective of life on web; whilst taking up the time of busy people… So thanks for reading.

Have a great evening world..

Always Ever Here. Short poem.

Always Ever Here.
Short poem.

The Ending too Early
Always Ever Here,
The Soul Lives by Day
The Body Dies by Night,
The Sun Wakes with Light
The Night full-fills Fright,
Her Step just Ahead
My Mind just Behind,
The Day Bakes Our Bread
The Night Makes Our Bed,
The Day Break Starts Task
The Night Time Tasks Last,
My Sleep Toss and Turn
My Work Watch and Learn,
The Soul Sings Sad Song
The Heart feels Belong,
The Mind thinks Akin
To Love is to Spin,
The Day Invites In
Warm Friends to Desire,
The Night Invites In
The Ice Nail of Aspire,
Observing One’s Life
One Paints Life so Lovely,
Observing One’s Life
One Ends Life so Lonely,
The Day Dreams Draw
Patterns of Pity,
The Nightmares Cloud Mind
With Professional Pithy,
To Live Simply Spin
Around Opinions Perceived Sin,
The Day Law feel Glad
The Night Law feel Sad,
To Feel Bad is classed Good
Classed Good is just Hard,
Be Evolved Day by Day
Be Devolved Night by Night,
Count Blessings they Are
Blended Disguise,
The Devils in the Details
The Fall of the Pride,
Night or Day Surely
Both Dreams Cost All Dear,
The Ending Too Early
Always Ever Here.

Written by Kiran

She as free as wild horses. Poem

She was born to wander as free as wild horses
She roamed her Texas her miles of men
She smiled for her admirers her last social action
She foretold the darkness before it was dusk
She knew that her fate was woven in fabric
She wore the fabric facade fooling fools
She ferociously hid her fear from me
She left me numb freezing hollow alive
She protected her people from insanity of illness
She smothered my fear with her smile and frown
She decrypted my mind with diligent deduction
She and I had history when we sailed safe harbour
She and I sailed tough seas throughout together
She wanted her soul mate since she was seven
She internaled her thoughts letting glib glimpses
She spoke cryptic truths about her cooped up corner
She drove her self intensely inside and out
She drove her other halves to abandon their doubt
She drove me to set free my soiled up soul
She fought for her family friends and freedoms
She inherited infectious laughter and infection
She was longing for living in loving arms
She always made time to talk the truths
She looked forward to fate foretelling my future
She looks on from above everliving my dreams
She is free wild nature her ashes in soil
She is the fresh flowers of farms of fragrance
She welcomed her wild wish to live and sail young
She left behind the worn wake of her wild wedding
She set sail from this world during her sunset
She stood on her ship of last smiles and sorrows
She cast off the shore and left a dark shadow
She sailed to her sea her silent journey
She sails on to swim in her sea of salvation
She is my soul mate she’s free as wild horses.
Written by Kiran

For Hina



En Joying in Moment

Elated In Side

En Ablement in Action

Effervescent to Heights

Efficacious in Out Come

Electric in Power

Eccentric in Path

Empathetic in Heart

Eclectic in Friends

Eager in Truth

Equible in Nature

En Lightened in Soul

Elegant in Motion

Enchanted in World

Engrossed in Duty

Ernest In tegrity

Ethical in Value

Emotional In telligence

Erudition of Thought

En Couraging Others

Efficient in Time

Ever Lasting in Love

Euphoric in Smile

Experienced in Wise

En Dearing in Self

Em Powerment in Life

Kiran 1.3.19


A plan to succeed

By working for it

By staying dedicated

By accepting life’s challenges

Be able to complete the plan

By becoming abled

By using your innate talents

By learning new skills

By educating the mind to new ideas

By building resilience

By Staying focused your happiness

And your plan will come to fruition.

Good Bye Red Sky. Poem.

Good Bye Red Sky
Must find Calm Stream
Have Tears to Dry,
Fly Bird Fly to your Sky
Fly Until you Drop to Die,
In the Sky just Love
In Time Love and Cry,
Our Lives A Light
Together Star Struck
With Magic called Life,
Dance the Dream
Day to Day,
In Air fly to Care
While a Life Find Love,
No Roads In Sky
No Paths Just Fly,
Image your Dream
In Minds Eye,
Share the Cry of
The Soul’s Great Sigh,
Point your Nose
To your Stream,
Life’s liquid Cool
Food for Soul,
Shimmering Cold
Feel of Water,
Feel Your Self
Know Your Mind,
Live Your Soul
Follow Your Stream,
Eat Fishes of Failure
Giving Strength
From Falling,
Fly Above Fear
Your Courage Wishes
Your Wings to Lift,
Your Precious Mind
To Shift in Aim
Soar a New Vector,
To Another Dream
Another Shimmer
Another Cold Stream,
Am Flying Mine
All My Life,
I Love to Fly
To HER Soaring in Her Sun,
Once She Flew Till
Her Cry was Gone.
Her Flight Flew On
Inside my Mind,
I Follow Her Stream
Forever Till i Die,
And Drop, No Sight
Of This Unending Red Sky,
Fly Well Fellow Birds
Find Calm Streams,
Just Fly Until
We Stop to Die,
Good Bye to My
Red Raging Sky

Written by Kiran 2018

The Church of Stigma Poem.

Hail Stigma Hallelujah

Stigma is the Prejudice of the Powerful

The Language of Liars

Judge and Jury of the Jailed

Detri Mental Domination by Moral Majority

Rules by Rulers Moulding the Masses

Condemning the Meek in a Pitiful Place

Destroying Dignity Day by Day

Starving the Soul of its Source of Strength

Setting the Sun Darkest Days

Leaving a Lonesome Lonely Person

Poisoning a Persons Personality

Possessing them as a Property

Killing the Kindness of Kin

Freezing Friendships Frozen in Time

Desperate Measures for Desperate Men Dead to Those Dear

Worse for Women in Perfect Planet Raped Beaten Tortured Toys

Children Brainwashed Groomed Seduced Used

Face Stigma for Life Persistent Pain

All Alive in a Failed State of Slaves

Ignorance is Bliss to Powerful People
Who are Perfect for their “Prophet Perfection”

Worshipping Glory of Stigma Their God

Hail Stigma Hallelujah


The Church of Stigma 18.11.18

The Revolving Door

Sometimes Life is a revolving door

We hurry to meet people as time hurries through our lifetime

We get a fleeting momentary glimpse and misperception of their lives

And try to understand what we experience with our Humanity

We move on to meet others as we live on..

In an ever growing life complexity of relationships and history.

Until we Rest in Peace.

Then Who We Were and our Ideals influence those who mourn our Passing.

Kind regards

Have a blessed day World


My Mum used to tell me…

“Rome was not built in a day.. And she told me to live one day at a time… have patience and faith and take one step at a time”

And she said “Have your own identity and your own goals then have the patience and commitment to achieving them and all will be well in your heart Son as you gave your best.”

Thank you Mum for giving me my IDENTITY in life and INDIVUALITY that no one can take away. Without you I would not exist. Thanks Mum for being you and sticking with me for 47 years since you carried me.

😁 Have a blessed day World.

Enjoy the Spring.. Appreciate another year of Life.

Mum commented to me the other day

That when she closes her eyes

She dreams of leaves and flowers

And sees the details of each leaf n petal in her mind before she goes to sleep

She feels like a hummingbird that get close to each flower

So we went out again

To see the sun and smell the leaves and flowers for real

Have a Bless day world.

Never cage a bird :)

My Mum transferred from wheel chair to car today.. and had a nice day out in the sun. Mum and I have driven all over England in the 1970s 80s and early 90s then all over the Usa from 1998 until 2012. Mum and I have driven on the outskirts of a moving tornado in Oklahoma back in 2008. Her ability to sit in a car after her disability was diminished.. however Mum can’t stay in a cage.. she is as free as a bird. Have a good day world.



Inclusion relates to areas such as race, gender, disability, age, sexual orientation and religious beliefs. People have the same right to receive care whatever their background or beliefs. A care worker in any health or social care setting needs not only to be aware of this but also to be active in promoting it in their practice. Equality and Inclusion apply not only to the people we support but also our fellow carers. They are two of the essential values which underpin health and social care.

Ignorance of cultural values is a Barrier to Inclusion. Understanding and promoting cultural values can draw people together increasing communication between the carer and the people we care for. It is important that the people we care for can express their needs.

pet me cat

Inclusion helps the people we care for live an active life, empowering them to speak up and express cultural identity that makes people smile and cats purr.

Our Identities are often the Sum of our Experiences and the Fruit of our Dreams. Lets Not forget that.

Good Day World..